Nailino helps preserve the beauty of nature and plants trees for you.

1 tree = from CHF 50.- order value

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Why plant trees?

The trees we plant as part of the reforestation projects enhance wildlife diversity, enhance coastal environments, provide meaningful rewards to local people, and grow mangrove trees that exhibit incredible carbon reduction planting restored.

Where are the trees planted?

Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Haiti, Central America and Brazil.

We all leave footprints on our planet and need nature's resources. In order to leave behind a clean and beautiful nature for the next generations, we want to give something back with this project.

For 1 order from CHF 50.-, we will plant 1 tree for you.

There are no additional costs for you, nor do the products become more expensive. The costs for the tree planting are fully covered by Nailino.

Nailino x Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforesting Projects as a non-profit company are represented in ten countries worldwide and plant trees every day to restore the balance of nature. In this way, they create important jobs for the local population.

Nailino is absolutely convinced of Eden Reforesting Projects, their vision and their commitment to a more sustainable future. This coincides with our values.

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protect the habitat of animals

Help to promote wildlife and animal diversity:

Due to the destruction of forests, wild animal species are losing their natural habitat and are forced to resettle, which massively reduces their chances of survival. Home to over 200 mammal, 100 lemur, 300 bird and nearly 300 amphibian species, Madagascar is one of the world's top conservation priorities. About ninety percent of all wild animals are endemic. Eden Reforestation Projects protects these wildlife species at ten locations worldwide by restoring their natural habitats.

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